Merkel cell carcinoma. Study of five cases


  • Nadia Guadalupe Cañadas
  • Paula Carolina Luna
  • Mabel Jimena Nocito
  • María Marcela Lustia
  • Mauro Daniám Etcheverry
  • María Laura Castellanos Posse
  • Carolina Marchesi
  • Romina Agustina Garuti
  • Graciela Caravajal
  • Miguel Angel Mazzini



Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC) is a rare malignant tumor, locally aggressive, that tends to metastasize to lymph nodes and distant sites. These cells resemble neuroendocrine cells in ultrastruture and immunohistochemistry. The etiopathology is unknown, but an association with other epithelial tumors has been reported, and recently, virus replication within the tumor was demonstrated. Risk factors are clinically characterized by the acronym: AEIOU. We report fi ve MCC patients diagnosed during the last 15 years in our Dermatology Department. We reviewed the literature and analyzed clinical features,
treatment, and outcome. Our results coincide with previous publications: we found increased incidence; age and immunosuppression as predisposing factors; association with in situ squamous-cell carcinoma; tumor regression in one patient, and a mortality rate that depends on tumor size at the time of diagnosis

(Dermatol Argent 2009; 15(6):428-433).

Key words: Merkel cell carcinoma, primary cutaneous neuroendrocrine carcinoma.





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