Verrucous melanoma: differences and similarities between primary and secondary varieties


  • Daniel Feinsilber
  • Nora Kogan
  • Olga Matilde Rosati
  • Cristina Corbella
  • Roberto Schroh
  • Ignacio Calb


Verrucous melanoma (VM) is an extremely rare variety that may develop on any clinical type of melanoma (secondary VM), or be a primary type. This
implies diff erences and similarities. From January 1991 to September 2007 we studied 526 patients who developed 545 melanomas, and found 4 (0.7 percent) primary VM and 6 (0.9 percent) secondary VM. Both aff ect men and women equally. Mean age of patients of primary type was 37.7 years, with the head as main site of location. Mean age of patients of secondary type was 40.1 years, most often located on limbs.
Primary VM is an exophytic tumor that has a better prognosis if detected in in situ or microinvasion stage, and requires less aggressive treatment. Diagnosis is diffi cult because it mimics seborrheic keratosis or pigmented verrucous nevi

(Dermatol Argent 2009; 15(2):106-110).

Key words: primary and secondary verrucous melanoma.






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